House Hunters International Episodes by Country


A list of every House Hunters International episode by country. Now you can binge on House Hunters International episodes by location with my handy House Hunters episode guide! Enjoy!

Antigua and Barbuda

Canadians in the Caribbean

Anticipating a Home in Antigua


Bound for Buenos Aires

Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires

Romantic Barrio in Argentina

It’s Raining Mendoza


Permanent Summer Down Under

Family Moves to Brisbane

Beach Life in Melbourne

Rivalry on Stradbroke Island

Sunshine Coast Beach Towns

Settling in Sunny Townsville

No Worries in Mission Beach

Mossman with Bossman

Happiness in Perth, Australia

Leaving Mass. for Sydney

Taking a Risk in Port Douglas

Escaping Brisbane to Kin Kin

Stargazing in Rocky Point

Chasing the Sun to Kawana

Adventures in Australia

Living the Wild Life in Oz

Tropical Oasis in Newell Beach

Adventure in Port Douglas

Surf or City in Sydney

Young Tennis Pros On the Move

Finding Paradise in Cairns

Home on the Gold Coast

First Australian Adventure

Girls in Alexandra Headland

Bosom Buddies’ Surfside Dreams

Ed’s Magnetic Island Adventure

Mutiny on the Daintree

Returning Home to Brisbane


Rediscovering Roots in Vienna

Seeking Nature in Austria


Navigating Nassau, Bahamas


New Beginnings in Brussels

Interning in Leuven, Belgium

Space vs. Price in Brussels

First Purchase, First Project

Staying in Brussels


Retiring to Belize

Canadian Biologists in Belize

Belize City for a Beau

Island Dream in Belize

Jungle Love

Family of Six in Belize


Time Out in Tarija, Bolivia


Getting Grounded in Gaborone


Buying a Bar in Salvador

Cape Verde

Brits Seek Cape Verde Condo


The Red Hot Chile Painter

Back to Nature in Panguipulli

Pursuing Soccer in Concepcion

Easter Island

Easter Island, At World’s Edge


A New Start in Bogota

Bachelor Pad Colombian Style

Joining Family in Colombia

Costa Rica

Following a Dream to Tamarindo

A Taste of Tamarindo

They Just Want to Play

Costa Rica Beach Home Search

Beautiful Setting in Tamarindo

A Couple Retires to Costa Rica


Hong Kong

Moving Up to Hong Kong

High Flying Hong Kong

Embracing Roots in Hong Kong


From Florida to the Andes


Apartments in Croatia


Curacao Calling


A New Address in Aalborg

Coping in Copenhagen

Domesticity in Denmark

Starting Fresh in Denmark

Cultures Collide in Copenhagen

Happy are the Danes in Demark

Settling Down in Copenhagen

Family-friendly in Hellerup

Soccer Transfer to Copenhagen

Modern Homes in Odense


Longing for Caribbean Living

Dominican Republic

Cohabitating in Cabarete

Dominican Republic House Hunt


A Relaxed Life in Cuenca

Puerto Cayo Paradise

Second Home In Ecuador


Apartments in Ancient Cairo

El Salvador

Taking a Risk in San Salvador


Furry Friends in Finland


A Better Life in Nantes

Higher Learning in Lyon

Foraging in France

Moving up in Paris

A Family Together in France

Common Ground in Cannes

Finding the Charm in Burgundy

Stepping into Strasbourg

Perusing Paris

Every Little Girl’s Dream

Coming of Age in Paris

La Vie En Paris, France

A Passion for Fashion in Paris

Nothing Toulouse

400 Years of Fixes in France


Seeking Calm In Cannes, France

Planning a Future in Paris

A Taste For Paris

Dreams of Paris

Healthy Living in Paris

Returning to Europe

Back to the City of Light

Stylish Pied a Terre in Paris

Investment Property in Paris

Starting Over in Paris

Raising the Budget in Paris

Vacation Home in Paris

Teenage Dreams in Paris

Michigan to Paris


Beach Rentals in Martinique


Renovated Flats in Cologne

Wanderlust Leads to Dusseldorf

Broadening Horizons in Munich

Trading Prague for Nuremberg

Newlyweds – Stuttgart, Germany

Creative Awakening in Berlin

First Time Buyer in Berlin

Back to Berlin

Beach for Berlin

Rediscovering Roots in Berlin

A Bachelor Buys in Berlin

Renovated Flats in Berlin

Jumping Off From Germany

A Whiff of Cologne

New Digs in Dortmund

Getting Away in Germany


Colonial Homes of Guatemala


A Dream Home on Roatan

Reconciliation in Roatan

Maryland Couple Buys in Roatan


Historical Hungarian Home


Down Home for Down Jackets


Seeking Peace in Bali

Building a Business in Bali


Fashion Divas Take on Tel Aviv

Entertaining in Jerusalem


A Very Rome-antic Love Affair

Hitting the Books in Bologna

Adventurous Couple in Naples

A Fashionista Moves to Milan

Picking Back Up in Pisa

Italy in a Hurry

A Return to Rome

A Stationing of a Lifetime

Culture Shock and Cannoli

Renovating in Manciano, Italy

Rome, If You Want To

Platonic in Puglia

A Romantic Retreat in Italy

From One Coast to Another

A Vacation Home in Calabria

Countdown to Gaeta

Second Home in Italy

Savoring Italy’s South

Scientific Home Search Rome

Getting Back to Sicilian Roots


To Cork with Luck

An Adventure Starts in Dublin

Living a Dream in Dublin

Dublin Size Matters

Town Center or River Views

Going Home to Dublin

Put a Cork in it!

Starting Over in Dublin


Kicking It in Tokyo

New Home in Okinawa

Living like locals in Misawa

Fresh Start in Tokyo


Apartment Hunting in Nairobi


New Yorkers take on Luxembourg

Uber Modern in Luxembourg


Penang or Bust

Job Transfer to the Tropics

Family Reunion in Penang


Island-Hopping to Mauritius


Baja-liday Road

Peaceful in Puerto Penasco

Profiting in Puerto Vallarta

Playa Con Dios

Empty Nest In Puerto Vallarta

Quintana Roo

Searching for Keys in Cabo

Hola, Mexico!

Leaving Las Vegas for La Paz

Starting Fresh in Los Cabos

Moving to Mazatlan

Escaping to Puerto Escondido

Salt Lake To Puerto Escondido

Olympian in Puerto Escondido

Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta

Seeking the Sun in San Carlos


Classic Palaces in Marrakesh

Spreading Wings in Rabat


A First Home Together


Urban Versus Rural in Nepal


Following Dreams to Amsterdam

Back to Amsterdam

Never Again in Amsterdam

An Amsterdam Adventure

Come Sail Away

High Hopes in the Low Country

A Second Chance in Amsterdam

Raising a Family in Rotterdam

A New Home in Amsterdam

Village Townhomes of Tilburg

Newlyweds in Amsterdam

Marked for Maastricht

Back to the Netherlands

Relocation to Amsterdam

Dutch Dreaming in Delft

New Zealand

The Weird Quirks of Wellington

Awestruck by Auckland

Casting Anchors in Auckland

A Family Moves to New Zealand


Simple life in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Beach Communities

Fair Trade in San Juan del Sur

Escaping to San Juan del Sur

Risky Beach Business in Leon

Nicaragua’s Fantasy Island


Returning to Norwegian Roots

Oslo Can You Go


Leaving Cape Cod for Oman


Flash in the Panama

Coronado, Panama

La Vida Bocas


In Love in Lima, Peru

Downsizing in Peru


Helping the Children of Manila


Finding a Home In Bydgoszcz


Return to Portuguese Roots

Settling Down but Not for Less


A New Adventure in the Azores


Discovering Doha, Qatar

Qatar’s Arabian Riviera


Kigali Style in Rwanda

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Loving Every Bit of St. Kitts

Saint Lucia

Luxury Home In St. Lucia


Aussie Abroad in Belgrade

A Rural Renovation in Serbia


Seychelles Islands Homes


Downsizing in Singapore

South Africa

Market Jungle of Johannesburg

Renovation in South Africa

Country vs. City in Cape Town

South Korea

Seoul Searching


Buying a Dive Shop in Spain

Working for a Vacation Home

Reconnecting with Grenada

Living Carefree in Tarifa

A Homecoming in Granada

Leaving Pennsylvania for Spain

It’s All Negotiable in Grenada

City or Sea in Andalucia

Giving Back to Granada

Building a New Beginning

Barcelona Dream/Reno Nightmare

Escape to Barcelona

A country escape in Andalucia

Hitting the Note in Valencia

Seeking a New Life in Madrid


Success in Stockholm

A Swede Pad In Stockholm

Freezing Assets in Lulea

Switching to Sweden

Something Old, Something New

Moving for a Masters

Renovated Homes in Malmo

Uprooting to Uppsala, Sweden

Newlyweds in Stockholm

Pay Now or Pay Later in Malmo


Transferring to Taipei

Seeking Success in Taiwan


A Family Safari in Tanzania

Couple Braves it in Tanzania


A Simple Life

Taking Root in Hua Hin

Returning to Thai Roots

Thai One on in Bangkok

Trinidad and Tobago

From Texas to Trinidad

United Arab Emirates

Dubai or Not Dubai

United Kingdom


Reigniting Love in Anguilla

Grand Cayman

Grand Living in Grand Cayman


Texans Relocate to London

English Cottage Revivals

Setting the Stage for London

Trendy or Family Friendly

Creature Comforts in Blackburn

London Calling for a Reno

Commuting Conundrum in London

A Fairytale Home in England

Seeking More Size in Cambridge

Manchester Reunited

Settling Near Family in London

Old or New in Surrey County

New Opportunities in London

North Ireland

Belfast and Furious


Country or Burbs in Scotland

Getting Schooled in Scotland

Study Abroad in Scotland

Glasgow is Where the Heart Is


United States

Puerto Rico

Coming Ashore in San Juan

Virgin Islands

It’s a Dog’s Life on St. John

Renovation Debate in St. John

Managing Paradise in St. John

First Time Buyer in St. Thomas


Family Heads Home to Uruguay


Living in Ho Chi Minh City

House Hunters Episodes by City/State


A list of every House Hunters episode by city and state. Now you can binge on House Hunters episodes by location with my handy House Hunters episode guide! Enjoy!

 Alabama (AL)

Huntsville, Alabama

Southern Charm in Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama

Fresh Start in Alabama

Arizona (AZ)

Phoenix, Arizona

Finding a House in Phoenix

Scottsdale, Arizona

Buyers Want it All in Arizona
Downsizing in Scottsdale
New vs Old in Scottsdale

District of Columbia (DC)

Disagreement in D.C.
High-Rise vs Row House in D.C.
Looking for History in D.C.
Single and Picky in D.C.
Just Right in D.C.
Three Bedroom Digs in D.C.

California (CA)

Carmel, California

A Million-Dollar Compromise

Corona, California

California Bachelor Pad

Eureka, California

Baseball Backyard in Eureka

Folsom, California

There is No Place Like Home

Fresno, California

Five Days to Decide in Fresno

Los Angeles, California

Ready to Own in Los Angeles 
Finding a Family Home in LA
Former New Yorkers Buy in LA
Single Mom House Hunts in LA

Napa, California

Napa Valley Dream Home

Orange County, California

Putting Down Roots in the OC
Agreeing to Disagree in the OC
Something Unique in the OC

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs Paradise
Hollywood in Palm Springs

Sacramento, California

Searching Sacramento With Sis

San Diego, California

Finding a House for Triplets
Seeking a House in San Diego
Vintage Cottage By the Bay

San Francisco, California

Victorian vs Modern
Bay Area Battle

Colorado (CO)

Breckenridge, Colorado

Million Dollar Log Cabin

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Couple Seeks Home in Colorado 

Denver, Colorado Metro

Colorado Culture Clash
Duplex Dilemma in Denver
Projects vs. Turnkey in Denver
Denver Derby Doll House Hunt
Newlyweds Buying in Denver
Outdoorsy Denver House Hunt

 Ft. Collins, Colorado

Antique-Obsessed House Hunter

Connecticut (CT)

Fairfield, Connecticut

Renovation in Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut

Too Far from Hartford

New Haven, Connecticut

Relocating to Connecticut
Rockin’ the House in New Haven

District of Columbia (DC)

Homebuyers Hunting for History
Putting Down Roots In D.C.
Looking High & Low in D.C.
D.C. Pro Football Cheerleader

Delaware (DE)

Wilmington, Delaware

Cutting the Commute

Florida (FL)

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Family Buys an Island Home
Coaches on Florida’s Coast

Delray Beach, Florida

Fleeing the Nest in Florida

Destin, Florida

New Life for Air Force Couple
Seeking a Florida Resort Home

Jensen Beach, Florida

Grand Home in Jensen Beach

Orlando, Florida

The Ultimate Deal in Orlando

Palm Harbor, Florida

Detroit to Palm Harbor, FL

Pensacola, Florida

Form or Function in Florida

Sarasota, Florida

Different Styles in Sarasota

Tallahassee, Florida

Two Styles in Tallahassee

Tampa, Florida

We Can’t Agree On a House

West Palm Beach, Florida

Compromise in West Palm Beach

Georgia (GA)

Atlanta, Georgia Metro

We Live in My Mom’s Basement
$40,000 Condo in Atlanta
Anxious to Buy in Atlanta
50s Cool vs. Farmhouse
Sisters With Opinions
A Place to Party in Atlanta

Hawaii (HI)

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu House Hunt

Kauai, Hawaii

Town or Country on Kauai

Maui, Hawaii

Bed and Breakfast in Maui

Idaho (ID)

Boise, Idaho

Family Looks for a Dream Home

Illinois (IL)

Aurora, Illinois

Acting Picky in Aurora, IL

Chicago, Illinois

Condo Hunting in Chicago
Pools and Proposals in Chicago
Cramped Chicago Clan Decramped
Rooftop Oasis in Chicago
Space for Chickens in Chicago 
Chicago Style Battle
Chicago Condo Hunt
Moving on Up in Chicago
Searching the Chicago Suburbs
Picky and Perfect in Chicago
Picky Buyers in Chicago

Morton, Illinois

Do It Yourself in Illinois

Indiana (IN)

Picky in Indiana

Kentucky (KY)

Big Apple Bailout

Louisiana (LA)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Time is Tight in Baton Rouge

New Orleans, Louisiana

Big Problems in the Big Easy

Big Easy Getaway

Maryland (MD)

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Row Home vs. Suburbs

Less is More in Baltimore

Massachusetts (MA)

Boston, Massachusetts

First Home in the Boston Burbs
Buying Big in the Boston Burbs

First-Time Buyers in Boston

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Family Affair in Cape Cod

Michigan (MI)

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Having Fun in Ann Arbor

A Tall Order in Michigan 

Detroit, Michigan

Five-Figure Deals in Detroit

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Young Buyers Hit Brick Wall
Grand Rapids Charmer

Minnesota (MN)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Two Girls, Twin Cities

Gymnastics in Minneapolis

Secret Passages in Minneapolis

First-Timers in Minneapolis

Indecisive in Minneapolis

Missouri (MO)

Newly Married in Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Moving Up in Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

Space vs. Charm in Kansas City

St. Louis, Missouri

A House in the Burbs for Birds

Searching Suburban St. Louis

Montana (MT)

Boseman, Montana

Big Bucks in Big Sky Country

New Hampshire (NH)

Nashua, New Hampshire

Looking for Fun Town

North Carolina (NC)

Charlotte, North Carolina Metro

Southern Style in Charlotte
Space vs Location in Charlotte
House Hunters Planning Wedding
First Home in Charlotte, NC
New York to Charlotte

Raleigh, North Carolina

Big Wish List in Raleigh, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina

Finding a Forever Home in NC

North Dakota (ND)

Fargo, North Dakota

Seeing it All in Fargo

Nevada (NV)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Luxury in Las Vegas
All-In in Las Vegas
Sunset Trip to Vegas Strip

New Hampshire (NH)

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Million Dollar Lake House

Nashua, New Hampshire

Looking for Fun Town

New York (NY)

Buffalo, New York

First Timers in Buffalo

New York, New York Metro

Space Needed in New York City
Manhattan Pied-a-Terre
A Dream Grows in Brooklyn
Compromise is King in Queens
A Million in Manhattan
Manhattan on a Budget

Syracuse, New York

Room for Twins in Syracuse

Ohio (OH)

Cincinnati, Ohio

High Hopes for Cincinnati Home

Cleveland, Ohio

Opinionated in Cleveland

Oregon (OR)

Portland, Oregon

Portland Couple Wants Chickens
Nine is Enough
Rain Lovers Search Portland
Tudor vs Modern in Portland

Pennsylvania (PA)

No More Projects in PA

Downington, Pennsylvania

Demanding in Downingtown

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Style Fight in Philly
Foodies in Philly
Escape to the Suburbs
Big Steps in Philadelphia

Rhode Island (RI)

Narragansett, Rhode Island

Beach Home in Narragansett

South Carolina (SC)

see also Charlotte, North Carolina

South Dakota (SD)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

First Home in Sioux Falls

Tennessee (TN)

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

A Getaway in Gatlinburg, TN

Nashville, Tennessee

A Tall Order in Tennessee
Tight Budget in Nashville
Nashville Newlywed House Hunt
Pickin’ the Perfect Home
First Timer in Nashville

Texas (TX)

Arlington, Texas

Engaged Couple Look for a Home

Austin, Texas

Master Planned in Austin
Fearing Fixer-Uppers in Austin
Vintage Vs. Updated in Austin
Seeking Midwest Charm in Texas
From Tampa to Texas
Stormchasers Seek Texas Home
Midcentury Cool in Austin
Looking For a Home in Austin

Dallas, Texas

Brothers Buy a House Together
Traditional in Dallas

Ft. Worth, Texas

Room for Four in Ft. Worth

Houston, Texas

Reunited in Houston
Home to Houston
Huge Home for Houston Bachelor
Coming Back Home to Houston
Everything’s Bigger in Houston

McKinney, Texas

Living Large in Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Searchin’ in San Antonio

Waco, Texas

A Place to Hang Your Axe

Utah (UT)

Salt Lake City, Utah

Quirky Wishlist in Utah
Out of Storage in Salt Lake

Virginia (VA)

A Family Home in Virginia

Arlington, Virginia

An Arlington Home for a Couple

Fredericksburg, VA

Fashionista Needs Space

Richmond, Virginia

Buying Big in Richmond Burbs

see also District of Columbia (DC)

Washington (WA)

Seattle, Washington

Condo Battle in Seattle
Upgrading in the Emerald City