Episode Guide: Netherlands



Happy Kids in The Hague

Adjusting to the Netherlands

Family and Function

Second Honeymoon in The Hague

Downshifting in Amsterdam

Attempting Adulting

Adulting in Amsterdam

Culture in South Holland

Sizing it Down in Amsterdam

Leaving for the Netherlands

Family Move to Groningen

Approved in The Netherlands

Renting in Utrecht

Will You Accept This Tulip?

Closet Space in Amsterdam

Diving into Utrecht

Amsterdam For Young Lovers

Adventure in Amsterdam

Adulthood in Leiden

Dutch Dreaming

Living the Dream in Amsterdam

Beauty and Tulips in Amsterdam

Proximity and Pets in Utrecht

Silicon Valley to Amsterdam

Looking for Dutch Charm

Location Jam in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Family Affair

Dutch You See is Dutch You Get

From Desert to Prairie

A Castle in the Netherlands

Undecided in Utrecht

Nitpicking the Netherlands

A Doggie Dilemma in Amsterdam

Adjusting to Amsterdam

Canal Living in Amsterdam

Education and History in Delft

Shipping Out to Venray

Ships Ahoy in Amsterdam

Canals, Twins and No Stairs

Love is in the Groningen Air

Rough Waters in Groningen

Cuckoo for Canals in Delft

Role Reversal in Rotterdam

New Home Base in Rotterdam

Spacing Out in Amsterdam

Following Dreams to Amsterdam

Back to Amsterdam

Never Again in Amsterdam

An Amsterdam Adventure

Come Sail Away

High Hopes in the Low Country

A Second Chance in Amsterdam

Raising a Family in Rotterdam

A New Home in Amsterdam

Village Townhomes of Tilburg

Newlyweds in Amsterdam

Marked for Maastricht

Back to the Netherlands

Relocation to Amsterdam

Dutch Dreaming in Delft

Recapturing Rotterdam

It Had To Be Utrecht

Yoga and Vikings in Amsterdam

Young Love and Dutch Dreams

Growing Pains in Rotterdam

Moaning and Groningen

Amsterdam Skippy

Shaking Things up in Amsterdam

Bringing Up Baby in Amsterdam

Transfer to Assen

Setting sail in Hoorn

We Dig Amsterdam

Opportunity in Eindhoven

A Tall Order in Breda

Bicycling in Groningen

Tight Fit in The Hague

Trading DC for Netherlands

Amsterdam the Torpedoes

It Takes Tulips to Tango